Work With Us

Partnerships & Collaborations

Our project scientists & engineers work together with sensor developers, medical diagnostic collaborators & biotechnology partners to achieve solutions to diverse technical challenges. Since 2007 MiCRA has partnered with academic research, entrepreneurs, start-ups, SMEs and larger industrial companies to advance biosensor & diagnostic products.

  • Concept development
  • Programme scoping
  • Project scheduling
  • Evaluation of outcomes
  • Progression planning




Whether innovating new product ideas or exploring know-how and patented technology MiCRA R&D teams work with industry partners to achieve project success. 

  • Funding & support for industrial R&D
  • Flexible licensing for background IP
  • Exclusive licencing for partners
  • Intellectual property generation
  • Marketing of sensor technologies
  • Regulatory issues
  • Spin in & out opportunities


Specialist know-how, IP focus, patenting - solutions for the advancement of sensor technologies.


MiCRA has a long and successful record of delivering commercially viable research and technical solutions for Irish industry.


We undertake a variety of projects, both short to long term, for a diverse group of companies;