Funding to undertake research in collaboration with MiCRA is available from a number of national and European Sources:


Innovation Vouchers

The voucher scheme is open to SME companies defined as being less than 50 employees and with a turnover less than 10 million. The voucher worth €5,000 is provided by Enterprise Ireland as a mechanism by which small companies can engage with academia to solve a problem or as an initial proof of concept as prelude to a larger project.


Innovation Partnerships

Companies can access the latest skills and expertise from IT Tallaght and other research institutes throughout Ireland. Through the Innovation Partnership Programme, Enterprise Ireland can provide up to 80% of the cost of that research.


Horizon 2020

The EU run a number of funding schemes through the Seventh Framework Program (FP7), now Horizon 2020.


Contract Research

MiCRA also conducts contract research. For rates please contact us.


Tax Credits

Ireland has a 25% R&D tax credit scheme in addition to a tax deduction of 12.5% for R&D expenditure.