ImmunoTouch Applied to Animal Diagnostics, BOV-ALERT


On-farm Liver Fluke Diagnosis

Project Team

Simon EganBaljit SinghBrian Seddon and Eithne Dempsey (MiCRA, ITT Dublin)

Grace Mulcahy and Mary Sekiya (School of Veterinary Medicine, UCD)


BOV-ALERT is concerned with the commercialisation of proprietary ImmunoTouch technology through licensing to key diagnostics, therapeutics companies and other commercial partners. Its intended use is on-site diagnostics by vets and farmers. The research has made available an electronic microfluidic device which is utilised for the diagnosis of animal infection, enabling appropriate treatments and better herd management, with associated economic savings - estimated at €24 - €30 per head for liver fluke (fasciola hepatica) disease alone.  


The BOV-ALERT team is optimising and field-testing ImmunoTouch for the early diagnosis of parasitic and infectious disease on-farm. The technology enables rapid and quantitative measurement of anti-Fasciola antibodies in milk and blood. 


A prototype ImmunoTouch assay card showing reagent cavities, fluidic channel network and detector. The device is fabricated from mould and extruded plastics and ink printing materials.



For further information on ImmunoTouch Technology and BOV-ALERT project, contact Brian Seddon and Baljit Singh

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Funding agency

Commercialisation Fund, Enterprise Ireland