MiCRA Biodiagnostics is one of Ireland’s leading research facilities

MiCRA-Biodiagnostics is an industry-led research & development facility located at the Institute of Technology Tallaght. The work of the facility is supported by Enterprise Ireland’s Technology Gateways programme and is funded through industrial collaboration.

The facility has a strong and growing portfolio of applied research making knowledge and expertise accessible to local and national industry.

Programme Themes

MiCRA’s operations are organised around six programme themes:

Rapid Sensors For Environmental Testing

Small, fast sensors for the detection chemical and biological pollutants and contaminants.

Materials Science

Development and application of novel and existing materials and formulations.

On-Site Diagnostics – Human And Animal Healthcare

Design, development and testing of diagnostic medical device technologies for human and veterinary health.

Agri-Food Sensing Technology

Sensor and test methods for process and quality control in the dairy, agri-food and beverage sectors.

Bio And Pharma Technology

Rapid bioanalytical methods for detection, analysis and extraction of bio-molecules, APIs and micro-organisms.

Analytical Test Services

Contract analysis and analytical method development, facilitating access to a wide suite of instrumentation.

Competencies & Technical Know-how

MiCRA is staffed by microbiologists, chemists, physical scientists and engineers with project management experience to offer technical solutions to drive product development. The facility has state-of-the-art surface science instrumentation, cell culture & microbiology laboratories and prototype fabrication facilities.

We work with industrial clients and partners through a range of funding mechanisms from the smallest feasibility studies up to 2+ year commercialisation projects:

  • Vouchers: Innovation/co-funded
  • Innovation Partnerships
  • H2020 / Comm fund / etc.
  • Contract research/analysis
  • Consultancy

Work With Us

If you have an idea you would like to see developed - feel free to contact us by email or phone. Wherever you are based, we will be happy to host you at MiCRA or visit you at your convenience.
Dr. Baljit Singh