By availing of the wide range of techniques and expertise available at MiCRA and through the wider institute, companies can save a significant amount of time while receiving high quality test services. A number of contract options are available and not limited to one-off tests, analytical method development and ongoing contract analysis. This activity underpins our other thematic areas and MiCRA has extensive experience facilitating contract analytical services for the food, beverage, pharma & environmental sectors. We also specialise in the analysis of unknown samples/contaminants. Please contact us to discuss you needs – we are happy to host you for a wider discussion and tour of our facilities.

Instrumentation available at MiCRA and IT-Tallaght includes:

  • Chromatographic analysis – LC and GC MS, HS/SPME, SPE, GCMS, LCMS/PDA µHPLC, capillary electrophoresis.
  • Surface science – Scanning electron microscope (Jeol JSM 6390 LV), atomic force microscopy, scanning electrochemical microscopy, Ellipsometry, Langmuir Blodgett, contact angle and Drop shape analyser, STM, confocal microscopy.
  • NMR Bruker 500 MHz and 300 MHz Spectrometers;
  • Spectroscopic – Multipurpose FT-NIR analyser, Raman and UV/Vis, fluorescence spectroscopy, Q-TOF LC-MS, Thermogravimetry analysis and differential scanning calorimetry.
  • Particle size analysis – Malvern Laser 2000 Rheometry.
  • Elemental analysis – Flame and Graphite Furnace Atomic Absorption Spectrometry.