Microbiological Assay Development

Advancing new electrochemical sensors and electrode devices

Technology Overview

MiCRA Biodiagnostics is advancing new electrochemical sensors and electrode devices to meet a diverse range of industry applications. In addition to the range of cell imprinted electrochemical sensors, under development are a suite of microbiological assays, on-the-spot cell diagnostics and in-line electronic sensors for identification and enumeration of bacteria.


‘MOXYS’ is a thin-layer electrochemical sensor, built using printed polymer laminates, and designed to monitor real-time microbial oxygen metabolism. The sensor is used to enumerate catalase positive bacteria.

Coliform Sensors

Electronic sensors detect E. coli and coliforms by measuring related enzyme activities. The detection system is being used for water testing for the presence of E. coli, providing rapid cell count results.

Staphylococci & Micrococci Dual Sensors

BIO-CARD cartridges are under development using integrated dual sensors for the identification and differentiation of staphylococci from micrococci in sterile manufacturing samples.


‘TVAC UNIVERSAL’ is a technology to detect respiring microorganisms using gas monitoring sensors. The electrode-based instrument evaluates total viable counts and has a range of industrial applications where microorganism contamination is an issue.

Yeast capture & profiling

MiCRA has worked with brewers on the capture, culture and testing of new yeast strains for beer brewing. Strains are tested for ability to ferment alcohol from brewer’s wort.