Prototype and Fabrication lab

The MiCRA Prototype and Fabrication lab allows for the rapid design and testing of a wide variety of electrochemical and microfluidic systems. Laboratory equipment includes;

CAD software for chip and electrode design.

DEK 248 Screen printer – allowing for the patterning of electrodes, conductive tracks and insulators.

Formulating facilities – preparation/ modification of printing inks.
Dispenser for electrode modification & coating

Microfluidics design and manufacturing

  • Laser-cutter – fabrication of microfluidic channels.
  • Sonic bonder – assembling microfluidic chips

Class II Biosafety Lab

Microbiology laboratory at Synergy Centre/MiCRA Biodiagnostics is well equipped with facilities to handle Class I & II micro-organisms. Our laboratory equipment includes;

Biological Safety Cabinet (Class II)

Support equipment for the growth and preservation of micro-organisms in aerobic/anaerobic conditions

CO2 Incubator, Anaerobic jars, Incubator shakers, – 20 and – 80°C freezers, Refrigerator

Electrochemical workstations:
Potentiostats (CHI 660C and 1200B)

UV-VIS Spectrophotometer

Optical Microscope

Support instrumentation:

  • Water bath, Thermo-mixer, balance, etc.
  • Autoclaves for Sterilization and Waste Disposal